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Starting a New Business? 
Through Kiowa County Kansas Economic Development, did you know you may be eligible for grants to help you start or move a business to Kiowa County? If you have always wanted to be your own boss and live your dream job, this is the perfect place to do that. Following is a basic list of tasks to get you started.  
Disclaimer: Each business is different and each town within Kiowa County may have slightly different guidelines. Best practice would be to begin by contacting City Hall in the town of your choice and following their recommendations.

Getting a Kiowa County Business Started...

Greensburg City Hall Office Hours

M-F 9 - 5​


Haviland City Hall Office Hours

M-F 10 - 2 

(620) 862-5317

Mullinville City Hall Office Hours

M-W and Fri


(620) 548-2539

Kiowa County Economic Development Director

Julie Lyon - 620-474-9537

Contact City Hall

If you are interested in starting a new business or moving an existing business to Kiowa County, you should first contact City Hall in the town you are considering for the location of your business. Professionals there will be able to help you understand the process for each respective location and help you walk through the steps with clarity and direction. 

As a general rule, the Mayor, City Clerk, and/or City Administrator in each town will be able to help you figure out where to start. The process is dependent upon what your needs are as a prospective business owner--financial needs, mentoring needs, property needs, workforce needs, technology needs, etc. 

Why Kiowa County?

Some of the best news about this county is that Haviland Telco, a communications company based in Haviland, will soon be installing fiber optics in the area. This is great news for tech companies and for people working remotely with companies and businesses located in other places. 


If you are in need of resources to help get your business off the ground, there are several options. Knowing what to do next will depend on the specifics of your situation and you will need to begin by contacting City Hall. However, there are funding resources through Kiowa County Economic Development, Great Plains Development, and Network Kansas. 

Business Properties

If you are looking for a place to house your new business, there are several options for you. We have rental spaces, properties for sale, and many lots and locations that would be great for a new build.

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