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Julie Lyon

"I've wanted to be a part of Kiowa County for so long, and  am so Thankful I now get to be a part of something so just the right time!  I'm excited to establish a series of programs to help elevate the quality of life here...housing, childcare, and workforce are at the top of my priorites."


Julie has long been an advocate for Rural and Western Kansas, and comes to Kiowa County with 20+ years of management experience, and a good understanding of municipal policy. 

Prior to joining Kiowa County Economic Development, she served as the Mayor of Stafford, Kansas and represented South Central Kansas within the Kansas Mayor's Association.  Julie also served on the Governing Body of the Kansas League of Municipalities, and sat on the boards of Sunflower Diversified, the Port Authority of Stafford County, the Leadership League of South Central Kansas, and was a committee member of the latest Statewide Housing Study.  She loves walking thru abandoned houses, and big old buildings....and has been involved in various real estate transactions since 2004.  

In 2020, Julie was recognized as a WeKan award winner thru the Kansas Sampler Foundation for being a "Visionary Do'er"


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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