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Curious about Kiowa County? Start here!



     Q. Where are the nearest airports to Kiowa County?

      A. The closest major airports to Kiowa County are the following:

  • Wichita Eisenhower Airport (ICT), located on the western side of Wichita, just south of Highway 400/Highway 54, approximately 100 miles to the east of Kiowa County. It takes about 1.5 hours to travel from Kiowa County to ICT.

  • Will Rogers World Airport (OKC), located approximately 220 miles to the south and east of Kiowa County. It takes about 3.5 hours to travel from Kiowa County to OKC.

  • Kansas City International Airport (KCI) is located on the north side of Kansas City about 320 miles from Kiowa County. It takes just under 5 hours to travel from Kiowa County to KCI.

  • Dodge City Regional Airport (DDC) is a regional airport, about 45 miles and under an hour commute from Kiowa County, with commercial service by Boutique Air. Flights from here connect in Denver (DEN).  

  • Garden City Regional Airport (GCK) is a regional airport, about 95 miles and under two hours commute from Kiowa County, with commercial service by American Airlines offers flights to Dallas-Fortworth (DFW). 

  • Pratt Regional Airport (PTT) does not offer commercial service, but has a concrete runway. For runway information and other details, click the link above. 

  • There are two grass runways in Kiowa County, one in Haviland and one in Greensburg.



      Q. Are there art opportunities in Kiowa County?

      A. YES! The following are places both children and adults can engage in the arts in Kiowa County!

  • 5.4.7 Arts Center: This art center offers rotating exhibits, a summer art program for kids, adult classes throughout the year, and several annual events, including both a wine tasting event and a beer tasting event featuring live music.

  • Ross-Ellis Center for Fine Arts, located on the Barclay College campus, most recently featured Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It will also play host to annual musical concerts by Barclay College performers. This article from the Hutchinson News shows the role the community played in the construction of the beautiful $8M facility.

  • The Twilight Theater in Greensburg is a beautiful new theater that features both movies and live performances. The theater also serves as an auditorium for student productions for the local public school, giving students the amazing opportunity of performing on a state of the art stage. 

  • Mullinville is home to the MT Liggett art exhibit, sprinkled around town and on property once owned by Mr. Liggett. He is well-known for his political humor and statement pieces ranging from local to national and even international politics.



     Q. What options are there for child care / daycare in Kiowa County?

        A.  See info on this page of the LiveKiowaCountyKS website. 




     Q. How can I get involved in community?

      A. There are countless ways to get involved in any of the three Kiowa County plans. Here are a few ways to engage.

  • Power Up: Rooted in Community. Powered by Education. Members of the Power Up group share a passion for enhancing the quality of life in rural Kansas. See the Power Up Facebook page for contact information and ways to get involved. 

  • Volunteer at the Kiowa County Media Center. The KCMC is a state of the art media center that seeks to educate the public about technology. Run the HD camera, work on instant replay, learn to run the tricaster or mix the sound in the media trailer. The KCMC livestreams local sporting events and is always looking for volunteers. They even partner with a leadership organization at Kiowa County Schools where students as young as 6th grade learn to operate the media equipment.

  • Run for the local school board. The Kiowa County School Board of Education operates the schools in Greensburg and the Haviland Board of Education oversees the schools in Haviland.

  • Volunteer in the local church. There are many churches in the county with many ways to get involved.

  • County Fair: Get involved in 4H and the county fair. See students grow in confidence though the 4H program.

  • Volunteer at the arts center or the Twilight Theater. Love the arts, this is the venue for you!


     Q. Where can I find out about what is going on in Kiowa County on any given day?

        A. Check out this calendar. You can find it in several places. 





     Q. What locally-owned restaurant options do we have in Kiowa County?

        A. There are a variety of local eateries in Kiowa County. A list follows and where possible, we have provided a link to the restaurant's website or social media page.

  • The Bear's Den, located at 512 Kingman Ave. (on the Barclay College campus) in Haviland, is open M-Sat 12-1 pm and 5-11 pm. Phone number: 620-862-9880. 

  • Cannonball Bar and Grill, located at 403 E. Kansas Ave in Greensburg, is open W-Th from 5 pm - 11 pm and F-Sat from 5 pm - 2 am. Phone number: (620) 723-2866.

  • Country Cafe, located at 401 S. Main Street (just off Highway 54) in Mullinville, is a local diner. It is open M-Sat 6 am - 8 pm and on Sunday, 7 am - 1:30 pm. Phone number: (620) 548-2568. 

  • Crazy Mule Food & Brew, a locally owned and operated eatery located at 106 S Main St in Greensburg. The restaurant is open T-Sat 11 am - 2 pm and 5 pm - 11 pm and on Sunday from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Phone number: (620) 723-9025.

  • Kook's Meat and Deli is a deli and sandwich shop all rolled into one. It is located at 101 S Sycamore in Greensburg. It is open M-F from 7 am - 8 pm and on Sat from 9 am - 2 pm. Phone number: (620) 723-2121. 

  • Reggie's Pizza is a local pizza parlor located at 321 W Kansas Ave in Greensburg and is open 6 days a week from  11 am - 8 pm. Closed on Wednesdays. Phone number: (620) 723-2200.

         Q. What other restaurants are there in Kiowa County?

              A. Just a few:

  • Subway, 406 W. Kansas Avenue in Greensburg, is open M-F, 7 am - 9 pm. 8 am - 9 pm on Saturday. 9 am - 9 pm on Sunday. Phone number: (620) 723.9009

  • Angel's Heavenly Desserts & Daylight Donuts is a blend of local pastries and traditional Daylight Donuts. It is located at 101 S. Main Street, Suite 119 and is open Tuesday-Saturday, 6:30 am - noon and is closed on Sunday and Monday. Phone number: (620) 388.5528.



     Q. Who are Kiowa County's federal elected representatives?

        A. Kansas has two United States Senators:

  • Senator Jerry Moran (R)

    • Mail:  800 SW Jackson St #1108​ Topeka, KS 66612

    • Phone:  (785) 232-2605​

  • Senator Pat Roberts (R)

    • Mail:  444 SE 6th Ave #392, Topeka, KS 66683

    • Phone: (785) 295-2745

  • Congressman Greg Marshall (R, District 1)

    • Mail:  ​ 816 Campus Dr, Suite 500, Garden City, KS 67846

    • Phone: (620) 765-7800

  • Congressman Steve Watkins (R, District 2)

    • Mail:  3550 SW 5th St, Topeka, KS 66606

    • Phone: (785) 234-5966

  • Congresswoman Sharice Davids (D, District 3)

    • Mail:  753 State Ave, Suite 460, Kansas City, KS 66101

    • Phone:  (913) 766-3993

  • **Congressman Ron Estes (R, District 4--including Kiowa County)

    • Mail:  7701 E Kellogg, Suite 510, Wichita, KS 67207

    • Phone:  (316) 262-8992

     Q. Who are Kansas' elected officials in the executive branch?

       A. Governor: Laura Kelly (D); Lt. Governor: David Toland (D); Secretary of State: Scott Schwab (R); Attorney Derek Schmidt (R); State Treasurer Lynn Rogers (R); Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt (R).

     Q. How do I register to vote in Kiowa County?

       A. There is an online form to fill out and when you are finished, you can print it and mail it to 

Kiowa County

211 E. Florida

Greensburg, KS 67054




     Q. What health care services exist in Kiowa County?

      A. Kiowa County Memorial Hospital is a 15-bed critical access hospital. Also located on the hospital grounds are  EMS services, a clinic, a pharmacy, on-site physical therapy, and other specialty services. Click here to see an informative video and hear from community members who work at the facility, as well as those locals who use the facility.

     Q. Are there mental health services in the county?

      A. There are two mental health facilities in Kiowa County. Haviland Care Center is a mental health and psychiatric care treatment facility. Click here to go to the Haviland Care Center website for contact information.

      A. Also, located at 610 E. Grant in Greensburg, is the Iroquois Center for Human Development. This facility offers comprehensive behavioral health services for Kiowa County as well as Edwards, Clark, and Comanche counties. Click here to visit their website. 



      Q. What are my internet and phone options?

      A. There are national brands (AT&T, for instance), but Kiowa County offers a local option as well. Haviland Telco is a county business that offers high speed internet and reliable phone service. They currently provide fiber in Greensburg and 100M service in Haviland, Mullinville and rural areas. Click here to visit the Haviland Broadband website. 



     Q. Where is the Greensburg pool located and what are the hours of operation?

      A. The pool is located at 300 W Garfield and is open M-Sat from 1 pm - 7 pm and on Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Check out the City of Greensburg's pool webpage for more information. 


     Q. What is the population of Kiowa County?

      A. According to the most recent Census in 2014, Kiowa County had a population of 2,513. The Kiowa County webpage lists the whole county population (2,523), as well as  each individual city's population: Greensburg (785), Haviland (686), and Mullinville (251). The remainder of the populace reside inside Kiowa County but outside city limits. 





     Q. What schools are in the county?

      A. There is a PK-8 school in Haviland, a PK-12 school in Greensburg, the 21st Century Learning Academy (an online school), and Valley View Christian School (a private Mennonite School). All public school students in the county attend Kiowa County High School, located in Greensburg. Also, in Haviland is Barclay College, a 4-year, Christian college.


How big are the public schools?

      A. Depending on enrollment, the schools are typically classified as 1A or 2A. At Kiowa County Schools, the enrollment of PK-12th grade is just over 300 students.

     Q. What is the student:teacher ratio in the Kiowa County Schools?

       A. 13:1

     Q. Are the schools accredited?

      A. Kiowa County School is accredited by KSDE via a process called Kansas Education Systems Accreditation. Currently, Kiowa County School is in year 3 of a 5 year accreditation cycle.  Haviland Elementary / JH is a Kansas State Redesign school. 

     Q. When is enrollment for public schools?

      A. While dates vary, the public schools typically enroll in early August. Contact the respective school office for actual dates of enrollment.

     Q. What awards or accolades has the school recently earned?

      A. 2019 1A State Forensics Champs, 2019 Girls 1A State Track Champs, Title I School, National School of Character

     Q. Does the school offer dual college credit for high school students?

      A. Pratt CC, agreements through Butler CC, Hutch CC; start dual credit as sophomores;

     Q. Does the school offer services for special needs students (physically impaired students, learning disabled students, or gifted students)?

      A. Provide special education services through SCKSEC and students with special needs are serviced


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