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Kiowa County is a middle-American, rural, southwestern Kansas community. Highway 400/Highway 54 connects three small towns, Greensburg, Haviland and Mullinville, with just about 10 miles between towns. While each has its own local flavor, all three towns are joined by one county-wide public high school. Students and families from all three communities find themselves connected through the local school system.  


While we hope local residents find this site useful, it is really intended to help the Kiowa-County-curious learn more about what it would be like to relocate. Those who #liveKiowaCountyKS love it and we invite you to consider joining us. For your kids, for opportunities of community engagement, for your business, to escape the rat race of big city life, for a fresh start with friendly neighbors. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Kiowa County. Regardless of the kind of small town you are looking for, Kiowa County is a place where nostalgia meets modern day.

This site is really a roadmap, intended to guide you to online resources that will paint a picture of Kiowa County life and help you find information you need, should you be curious about moving to Greensburg, Haviland, or Mullinville, or to help you when it's time to plan your actual move.

Happy exploring and after you have spent a little virtual time with us, we are sure you, too, will want to LiveKiowaCountyKS.

Live Kiowa County is the Creation of Kiowa County Media Center - 501c3 Non Profit

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