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Today it was announced that we will have a new Daycare in the County this June!
Kathy Koehn of rural Haviland will be opening Little Sprouts Daycare at 300 North Topeka in Haviland.  This space has been a Fitness Center, and will make a great place for kids to enjoy!
Little Sprouts_01-02.png
We have recently had 3 people complete Childcare Orientation, which is the first step to obtaining a Daycare License.  Our Economic Development Director, and two others have been working on getting a Daycare open in both Haviland and Mullinville, with additional locations in Mullinville and Greensburg possible in the near future.

We have recently had a series of 3 Childcare meetings in Kiowa County, and have determined that just locally, we have enough children in need of daycare that we could fill at least 3 additional facilities.  We are working to help get spaces licensed for a Provider to start their own business in.   Our goal would be for them to accept 8-12 children (depending on ages), and provide great care to our "Littles".  


Right now, it's looking like we will be utilizing the current Fitness Center in Haviland as one space, and the old Grade School in Mullinville as a second space.  Each of these will need some minor modifications done prior to being ready for licensing, but the grant money Economic Development received will cover those.  We are also going to provide toys, playground equipment, fencing, books and tablets....whatever may be needed to operate a daycare.  This should save the provider several thousand dollars worth of startup costs.  Also, we plan to provide one on one guidance through the regulations of starting a daycare, and then providing technical assistance as far as taxes, monthly inspections, much help as needed to make it as easy as possible to start and maintain the business.  


One of the best things about this arrangement is that the Community will still be able to rent the Kitchen and Cafeteria in Mullinville for events and activities (just as they have been), the School Board will still be able to meet where they have been in Haviland, and the Haviland Fitness Center will be relocated.  We are simply drawing additional purpose out of underutilized buildings. 


As of right now, the rent at both facilities is looking to be around $300 dollars per month, which would include utilities.  With all other expenses covered, and rent being able to be written off as a business expense, this will be a great opportunity for someone looking to start their own business.   Along with that....we are looking to build an additional database of Substitutes that could rotate and fill in as needed around the county...also removing some of the stress providers feel.  


Tammy Wolfley has been super helpful in the process and is willing to work with or "mentor" anyone that would want to become a provider.  She has also sent me some initial earning potentials if someone were wanting to open an IN Home Daycare.  The overall goal is to increase the amount of available childcare in the county, and whether that be in someone's home, or in a facility we help provide....we are here to help and answer questions.  


If you know someone that would be a great provider, if you have considered being a provider, or would even consider getting licensed to work part time as a substitute....Please reach out to Julie Lyon at 620-474-9537 or  


Julie Lyon

Economic Development Director

Kiowa County

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